Color coded Gantt chart
Project Management

The Easy Way to Color Code Your Gantt Chart: Color Presets & Tips

Color-coded Gantt charts are helpful for tracking and visualizing projects. Here are tips for making them. Plus, a tutorial that includes color presets.

Jira Backlog Grooming Is Just Like Gardening (+ 5 Best Practices)

Perfect the best practices of backlog grooming to make your backlog ready for harvest.
jira and slack logos holding hands

Jira and Slack Integration 101: Create Jira Tickets in Slack

A Jira and Slack integration can help you be more efficient. Here, we’ll show you the common use cases for combining these tools, along with other...
meme stickers
Project Management

101 Funniest Project Management Memes and TikToks for 2023

We sourced the most relatable project management memes and TikToks on the internet and made a few dozen of our own.
pantone colors
Project Management

Color Theory for Project Managers: Using Color to Tell a Story

When it comes to project management, data tells your story. So, how can we use color to make this data go even further? Find out with...
Jira data export to Excel

2 Simple Ways to Export Jira Data to Excel (+ Video Tutorial)

We cover the limitations to consider when exporting a CSV file in Jira, along with two options for getting your Jira data into a spreadsheet.
Jira Asana integration
Project Management

6 Tips for Creating a Jira and Asana Integration (+ Guide)

Discover the benefits of integrations for driving cross-team collaboration with these must-know tips and detailed guide.
Image of a book opening to announce Visor's new Knowledge Base
BlogFeaturedNews & Features

Visor’s Knowledge Base: How to Work Smarter and Faster with Visor

Whether you’re new to Visor, or are curious about what else you can accomplish with Visor, our revamped Knowledge Base can help you.
Astrological signs as associated with the Visor logo and Jira logo with a heart in between.

Birth Charts: A Good Way to Analyze Business Partnerships?

Can we predict promising business ventures based on birth chart compatibility between two companies?
Distracted boyfriend meme. Label on girl drawing attention: "using psychology to talk about data." Label on boyfriend: "Me." Label on angry girlfriend: "Using numbers to talk about data."
BlogProject Management

Words and Numbers: How to Make Your Data Speak for You

Data is a way to communicate. Can we take what we know about communication styles and apply it to our data analysis?
BlogCompany Updates

Why I Moved to NYC to Join Visor

As the Product Success Manager, my goal is to make Visor work for our users, not the other way around.