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Color coded Gantt chart
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The Easy Way to Color Code Your Gantt Chart: Color Presets & Tips

Color-coded Gantt charts are helpful for tracking and visualizing projects. Here are tips for making them. Plus, a tutorial that includes color presets.
jira gantt chart

How to Create Gantt Charts for Jira: Project Management Tutorial

Jira Gantt charts make project managers more efficient and successful. Explore a couple ways to make one of your own with this handy guide.
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Engineering Breakdown: Shortcut Through Visor (Part 1)

We’ve realized that our clientele is among the savviest keyboard shortcut users in the world.
Top down photo of three people's hands working together to build things out of legos on a white table.
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7 Reasons Why Spreadsheets are the Ultimate No-Code App Builder

Every successful company faces crossroads. At Visor, we realized we made a wrong turn three years in.
A single white puffy cloud against a bold blue sky.
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Behind the Product: CloudStore (Part 1)

Visor's application database represents data as a graph that synchronizes itself. This has given our team incredible leverage to punch above our weight class.
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Part 2: What Is CloudStore?

Behind the curtain: See how Visor's CloudStore works.
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Behind the Product: CloudStore Part 3 [The Advantages and Tradeoffs of CloudStore]

CloudStore has made our product better for our customers. Our loads are fast and user interactions are instant. Learn more.