May 14, 2021

Removing Technical Barriers: A Remarkable New Leadership Opportunity

Removing Technical Barriers: A Remarkable New Leadership Opportunity

For those in my inner circle, you understand that I've been alluding to a major announcement on the future of my career and business. I thank you for your patience (and interest, for that matter) as Mary and I prepare to embark on the next chapter of our lives.

I am honored to announce that I have accepted a new role as Chief Growth Officer for Visor.

I'll share how we came to this decision.

The Visor team is full of integrity, energy, and intellectual curiosity—the core foundation for where amazing (and fulfilling) work can materialize.

Perhaps more important is that they are crazy enough to tackle a massive challenge in the market—narrowing the divide between technical work and everyday work.

In my experience, technical expertise adds an unnecessarily high barrier to today’s most promising innovation—and I mean that for both organizations and those whom they employ.

Here are a few considerations that come to mind as an example.

  • Your marketing project can’t move forward until someone with more technical acumen addresses the scope and supports the implementation.
  • Your product launch is delayed until it earns priority on the technical roadmap.
  • You’ve implemented new software to move your projects forward more efficiently, but then you realize that you need to make technical hires to maintain the new software that you just invested in.
  • You’ve spent countless hours in tutorials, tried to learn code yourself, and ultimately settled for a suboptimal solution with new limitations because your concentration is on getting the work done and meeting your key objectives.
  • You’ve postponed growth and hiring because you need an additional budget for more technical allocations and hires.
  • Your data is hidden in individual docs with limited visibility to the greater team.

Why is it that performance can be so heavily influenced by technical know-how? Surely the future of work isn’t entirely designed for software engineers—right?

If you’re anything like me, you will create workarounds in spreadsheets and covert missions to get work done without having to participate in an overly technical ecosystem—then double back on your work to make sure it’s visible to leadership. After all, it's often more important to perform on your mandate by doubling down on your work, rather than slow down to get the technical details in proper order.

It’s a pain in the ass—and it still tends to create siloed data and incomplete reporting—thus creating blind spots for strategic decision-making—but it's necessary.

I’m very comfortable complaining about this problem and creating a hybrid spreadsheet and automated workflow masterpiece workaround—but now I have the opportunity to be part of a more pragmatic solution that will evolve the way teams collaborate.

Joining Visor and partnering with CEO Michael Yaroshefsky is a remarkable opportunity uniquely positioned to tap into my go-to-market experience and challenge me in ways that inspire leadership growth—all the while making the future of work more attainable for all.

As the Chief Growth Officer, I lead Visor’s global commercialization strategy with a vision to impact millions of users (and make them a hero at work).

Visor is a data-syncing collaborative spreadsheet—soon to be a category leader. A product that allows any user to work with their data without technical friction.

For those interested in learning more, stay tuned. Visor’s product is currently available by invitation only, with a public launch expected later this year.

We’re hiring for multiple roles, organizing our waitlist and referrals, and engaging with prospective users. Contact me on LinkedIn for more information (and for the inside scoop). I will always stand by my vision to help others love what they do.

Here’s to the next chapter and bright future!